Area City Quinto and Motel Gottardo Sud are located at San Gottardo tunnel exit, exactly on the west side of E35 motorway.

Follow the direction “Area di servizio San Gottardo Sud” to get to the motorway service area.

Ask directions to get to “Motel Gottardo Sud” at the service area’s info point.

Area City Quinto boasts top-flight architecture, wonderful landscape and provides all kind of facilities.

It is a high-class break on A2 Basilea-Chiasso motorway, just 3.105 miles (5 km) after Gotthard road tunnel, right in the heart of Switzerland. Fill in your car with petrol at an amazing price, try some Swiss products and enjoy a comfortable break!

The metal platform roof, a unique architectural complex, weights about 400 tons and it took three months to build it up.